Industry Leader in Protecting Confidential Information, Trade Secrets, Private Data, and Intellectual Property for High-Tech, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Fintech, and Manufacturing Industries.


Services: Strategic advice, tailored guidance, and effective tools to protect trade secrets, safeguard confidential information, and secure private data.

  • Information protection risk assessment evaluates information loss risks and security gaps to design and implement a strategy that secures company information and protects trade secrets, private data, and intellectual property. Business operations and corporate culture are evaluated, and current company information protection resources are leveraged to ensure highest return on investment.

  • Trade secret audit compares existing information protections to those required to establish reasonable efforts in trade secret litigation. Prepare for trade secret lawsuits and meet regulatory information security requirements, policy mandates, and contractual obligations.

  • Information classification schema and information taxonomy determined based on company needs and industry best practices.

  • Confidential Information identification and classification of sensitive information, trade secrets, and private information into categorical lists of information, by classification, as a reference for employees and systems (e.g., DLP).

  • Information protection policies and procedures for comprehensive information safeguards, trade secret protection, and data security policies, guidelines, standards and procedures that are effective and meet requirements of state, national, and global laws and standards.

  • intellectual property protection consulting firm
  • Training and education to operationalize and inspire an information protection corporate culture.

  • Change management and measurable success based on metrics that gauge implementation and effectiveness of business processes. Hold stakeholders, including employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and business partners accountable. Achieve both baseline standards and industry best practices for protecting trade secrets, confidential information, and private data.

Book and Publications: Positively Confidential: the ultimate how-to guide for creating business confidentiality and trade secrets offers ten proven steps to protect trade secrets, confidential information, private data, and intellectual property.

Trade secret litigation consulting based on more than 30 year’s experience with hundreds of companies from diverse industries.

Keynote Speaker and Trainer



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